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Ancestry of Captain Leander Foss

Leander Foss was born 1806 in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME and died Dec 1842 in Kennebunkport, York, ME. He was the son of John Foss and Lavinia Clark. In 1833, Leander married Maria (Unknown) in Kennebunkport, York, ME. She was born 1815 in Ireland.

Found on U.S. Federal Census:

1840 ~ Kennebunk Port, York, ME
Name: Leander Foss
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 70 thru 79: 1
Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves): 6
Persons Employed in Navigation of the Ocean: 1
No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 1
Free White Persons - Under 20: 3
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 6
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 6

The children of Leander Foss & Maria (Unknown) were all born in Kennebunkport, York, ME. They are:

Henry B. Foss was born in 1834. He died 30 Jan 1872 in Kennebunkport, York, ME. He married (1) Eliza A. Gooch 28 Apr 1860 in Kennebunkport, York, ME. Eliza was born there in 1835 and died there 27 Nov 1865. He married (2) Sarah A. L. Morse 7 Oct 1868 in Biddeford, York, ME. She was born there bet. 1834-1850. Their children: Ida L., Harry L. and Clara J.

Maria A. Foss was born bet. 1835-1838. She died 6 Jul 1900 in Biddeford, York, ME.

Leander A. Foss was born in 1836. He died 10 Oct 1842 in Buxton, York, ME. He married Phebe C. Higgins, daughter of Timothy Higgins and Jane Came, 26 Mar 1859 in Portland, Cumberland, ME. Phebe was born there on 28 Oct 1833.

Lavinia Margareta Foss was born 15 Apr 1842. She died 25 Nov 1904 in Biddeford, York, ME. Lavinia married Simon Smith Andrews, son of Stephen Andrews and Eliza Ann Smith, 23 May 1867 in Kennebunkport, York, ME. He was born 13 Nov 1840 in Lyman, York, ME and died 21 Jan 1927 in Arlington, Middlesex, MA. Their children: Gertie V., Albert G., Lillian M., Nellie Inna, Elbert L. and Theo Ashton.

John Foss was born 1767 in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME and died there 10 Jun 1843. He was the son of Joseph Foss and Elizabeth Parcher. On 25 Jan 1798, he married Lavina Clark in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME. She born 1777.

Joseph Foss was born 29 Jun 1735 in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME and died 15 Feb 1773 in Saco, York, ME. He was the son of Walter Foss of Sarah Babb. On 23 Oct 1750 he married (1) Abigail Tibbetts. She was born 1735 in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME and died 1754 in Saco, York, ME. On 22 Dec 1757 he married (2) Elizabeth Parcher in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME. She was born there 1736.

Walter Foss was born 10 Jan 1708 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, NH and died 9 Dec 1791 in Saco, York, ME. He was the son of William Foss and Sarah Buswell. On 15 Sep 1726 he married Sarah Babb in Greenland, Rockingham, NH. She was born 18 Sep 1711 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, NH and died 1755 in Scarborough, Cumberland, ME.

William Foss was born 11 Mar 1673 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH and died 12 Dec 1718 in Greenland, Rockingham, NH. He was the son of Johan Davidsen Foss and Mary Chadbourn. In 1691 he married (1) Margery Lord. She was born 1674 in Dover, Stratford, NH. On 29 Nov 1700 he married (2) Sarah Buswell in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, NH. She was born there 22 Nov 1676.

Johan "John" Davidsen Foss was baptized 3 Jan 1639 in Ribe, Denmark and died Dec 1699 in Newcastle, Rockingham, NH. He was the son of David Lauritsen Foss and Anna Jensdatter Hundevad.

About 1666 he married (1) Mary Chadbourne, daughter of William and Jane, who came in the employ of Capt. John Mason to build a mill at South Berwick, ME. She was born 1644 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH and died in Rye, Rockingham, NH between 1681-1686. On 25 Jan 1686 he married (2) Mary or Sarah (Fernicide) Goss, widow of James Goss, in Kittery, York, ME. Wife (3) Elizabeth Berry, daughter of William and Jane, was the widow of John Lock who was killed on Dover Plains 26 Jun 1696. She was born 1635 in Hampton, NH and died 12 Nov 1734 in Rye, Rockingham, NH.

It's been said that John Foss entered the British Navy as a ship caulker. He deserted in Boston harbor and swam ashore. (There is some question as to the validity of the "desertion" story.) He settled in Dover, NH and he bought a house in Exeter on 29 Sep 1666 which he sold to Richard Morgan in April 1671. He was a juror in Dover in 1667, 1669,and 1688.  He also lived in Rye, NH.

David Lauritsen Foss was born 1 Jan 1604 and died 8 Aug 1659 in Ribe, Denmark. He was the son of Lauritz Anderson Foss and Agath Bruun. On 10 Sep 1636 he married Anna Jansdatter Hundevard , daughter of Jan Lorenson Hundevard and Catherine, in Kolding, Vejle, Denmark. She was born 15 Feb 1620 in Kolding and died 16 Sep 1684 in Ribe.

Laurits Andersen Foss was born 1581 in Steppinge, Haderslev, Denmark and died 15 Jul 1640 in Ribe, Denmark. He was the son of Anders Markelson Foss and Marina Rubbertsdatter Geistaust. On 14 Feb 1602 he married Agathe Bruun. She was born about 1580 in Steppinge.

Anders Mikkelsen Foss was born 1543 in Steppinge, Haderslev, Denmark and died 25 Jan 1607 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. He married Marina Rubbertsdatter Geistaust, daughter of Rubberts Geistaust, between 1562-1591. She was born 1542 in Steppinge, Haderslev, Denmark and died between 1582-1644.

Mikkel Andersen Foss was born about 1520 in Steppinge, Haderslev, Denmark and died there 8 Jan 1559. He married Karine Hansdatter. She was born in 1515.

Anders Foss was born in Danmark, Uppsala, Sweden.

Extracted from Biography and Genealogy of Western Massachusetts, 1639-1925: The Foss family in America belonged to the nobility of Norway, bearing a coat-of-arms, the chief figure in both arms and crest being that of a fox. The name was originally Vos, which signifies fox, and was pronounced foss. The line comes through Denmark and England to America, and the first of whom any knowledge has been traced was a man named Lauritz. According to the custom of the age in that country, the name of the son was adopted from the baptismal name of the father.

David Lauritzen Foss, born in Norway in 1604, removed to Denmark when a young man, and died at Ribe, in that country, August 31, 1659. He was a minister of the gospel and was pastor of St. Catherine's Church at Ribe, in 1648; he was also a magistrate and afterwards provost at Ribe. He married there, September 10, 1636, Jansdatter Hundevard, born February 15, 1620 died September 16, 1684, daughter of Jens Lorenson and Catherine (Hasdatter) Hundevard. These records have been obtained from Denmark, and are a feature of the Foss genealogy in manuscript, now in the possession of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Children born at Ribe: John, of whom further; Karine, Lauritz, Agatha, Magdalen, Lauritz Davidson, Jene, Antonius, Peter and Inger.

John Foss, American immigrant ancestor, son of David Lauritzen and Jansdatter (Hundevard) Foss, was baptized January 3, 1639, in Denmark and became a seafaring man. Going to England with his brother Peter, he entered the British Navy as a ship caulker. On the arrival of the vessel in which he sailed in the port of Boston, he decided to remain in this country and tradition states that he went overboard in the evening and swam ashore. To avoid a forcible return to the service he immediately proceeded to the interior, and shortly settled in Dover, New Hampshire. He purchased a house in Exeter, New Hampshire, September 29, 1666, and sold it in April, 1671. In 1667, 1669, 1672 and 1688 he was a juror in Dover and for some time lived in Rye, New Hampshire. His will was dated at Dover, December 17, 1699, and he died before January of the following year. He married (first) Mary Chadbourne, born in 1644, daughter of William and Jane Chadbourne. Her father came to America in the employ of Captain John Mason, to build a mill at South Berwick, Maine, and in 1657 was at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With him, John Foss removed to Old Kittery, Maine, soon after settling in Dover. He was a prominent man in town affairs in Dover, and was married there (second) by John Wincool, a justice of the peace, January 25, 1686, to Mary (Fernicide) Goss, widow of James Goss. He married (third) Elizabeth (Berry) Lock, daughter of William and Jane Berry, and widow of John Lock, who was killed on Dover Plains, June 26, 1696. His children were: John, Samuel, Joshua, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Walter, Hannah, Thomas, Hinkson, killed June 26, 1696; Humphrey, Jemima and Samuel.  These children are descendents of many lines of this old family, scattered now in many States of the Union.

Note: There is a bit of argument about Foss's wives, whether Mary Chadbourne is his wife or that of a John Foss from England. Children reported by a Joshua Foss ancestor.

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