Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Crew

The crew serving on the Isadore under Captain Leander Foss consisted of the following men:
  • Clement P. Stone (First Mate)
  • John Crowder (Second Mate)
  • Paul M. Grant (Passenger)
  • George Davis (Cabin Boy)
  • John Tendell (Cook)
  • George Lewis (Seaman)
  • James C. Murphy (Seaman)
  • George F. Hutchins (Seaman)
  • Alvin Huff (Seaman)
  • William Thompson (Seaman)
  • Daniel H. Perkins (Seaman) was born in 1820 to Luther Perkins (1793-1863) and Keziah Huff (1792-1885).
  • James Young (Seaman)
  • Charles Lord (Seaman)
  • Thomas King (Carpenter … did not sail)
Only seven bodies were ever recovered for burial. In the Bass Cove Cemetery (at one time known as the Kennebunkport Cemetery or Village Cemetery, and often referred to as the Tomb Cemetery) is a monument for Captain Leander Foss, whose body was never recovered. Stones for 15 year old seaman George Lewis and cabin boy George Davis are also buried at Bass Cove.

The rest of the Isadore’s recovered crew are buried locally: Daniel Perkins at the Merrill Family Cemetery, Charles Lord in Cape Porpoise, Joseph Murphy at the Nonantum Cemetery, Clement Stone at the Perkins Cemetery in Goose Rocks and Benjamin Thompson at the Thompson Cemetery in Arundel.

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